Looking Ahead Towards the Future

Centre for Chest Surgery, completes five years of the existence during next month , it is time to look at the past as well as the future.

Looking back at the last 5 years, gives us tremendous satisfaction of having done well in Teaching, Clinical Care as well as Research:

Teaching: The Centre started India’s first DNBE, Thoracic Surgery in January, 2014 with an annual intake of two post MS Surgery candidates. Presently, 6 fellows are in position and the First batch will appear in passing out exam soon.

Clinical Care: The Centre performed over 1600 major chest cases since March, 2012 involving all diseases of Lungs, Pleura, Mediastinum, Tracheo-bronchial tree, Esophagus, Diaphragm and Chest Wall by Open / VATS as well as Robotic method (over 250).

Research: The Centre had 17 articles published / accepted in Indexed Journals in this period.

Looking ahead towards the future : we feel that the time is now ripe for an academic collaboration and exchange of clinical data with our colleagues from across the country. It will be useful for all of us and also improve Patient Care.

We at Centre for Chest Surgery are extremely keen to hear and learn from your experience. Towards this goal, we are starting a voluntary forum dedicated to Chest Care for sharing of information purely for academic purpose. It will include article giving your clinical experience, new technology, new treatment method or any other clinical material (in the field of Chest Care) worth sharing with colleagues.

We invite all of you to share such articles with us which we will share with like minded professionals from across the country through our monthly newsletter and also publish on the blog section of the website.

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